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Paswan’s Chirag left in the lurch; 5 MPs desert, elect uncle Paras LJP chief

A day after five of six Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) MPs broke away in a stunning coup led by his uncle, Chirag Paswan's attempts at reconciliation were roundly snubbed. The overnight coup in Lok Janshakti Party (LJP), led by his uncle, has left him isolated at the top with five of six MPs breaking away and writing to the Lok Sabha Speaker, asking to be treated as separate group. Including Chirag Paswan, the LJP has six MPs in the Lok Sabha. The five rebel MPs want a new leader to replace Chirag Paswan, the son of party founder Ram Vilas Paswan who died last year. They will meet with Speaker Om Birla soon to formally ask for his removal as their leader.

BSP deserter MLAs demand their pound of flesh for saving Gehlot govt

After the Sachin Pilot group sought the fulfilment of their demands for political and ministerial appointments, BSP MLAs, who joined the Congress around two years ago are now demanding their "due reward" for saving the Rajasthan government after last year's rebellion. The MLAs contend that had they not been there, the Ashok Gehlot dispensation would have been observing "its first death anniversary".