Ram Madhav; saffron tinge to all history.

Ram Madhav; saffron tinge to all history.

Ram Madhav gives communal colour to Moplah rebellion against British

One of the first manifestations of Taliban mindset in India; jihadi massacre: Ram

Agency Report | Kozhikode (Kerala) | 19 August, 2021 | 11:00 PM

The BJP/RSS combine never loses an opportunity to take on the Communists and that was the scenario when top RSS leader Ram Madhav raked up the 1921 Moplah rebellion which is also known as the Malabar rebellion. History says this was an armed revolt staged by the Mappila Muslims of Kerala against the British authorities and their Hindu allies in 1921.

The six-month-long rebellion led to the loss of about 10,000 lives, out of which 2,339 were rebels.

This is often perceived to be one of the first cases of nationalist uprisings in Southern India.

But for long this topic remained highly debated among historians, as to what the real motive of the revolt was and it’s here that Madhav while speaking at an event held here in remembrance of the victims of the violence during the 1921 rebellion in Kerala, took on the Communists.

“The national leadership is aware of the correct history and therefore, it will not give any space to such Talibani or separatist forces to create violence or divide people in the country, be it Kashmir or Kerala,” said Madhav.

For long the BJP/RSS here has been raising this issue and former Kerala BJP president Kummanam Rajasekharan has been vehemently campaigning that the Malabar rebellion of 1921 was the first case of Jihadi massacre in the state. He said that to consider the large scale murder of Hindus to be part of the freedom struggle is an insult to history.

Madhav reiterated that this was one of the first manifestations of the Taliban mindset in India and the Left government in Kerala was allegedly trying to whitewash it by celebrating it as a Communist revolution.

Opening up on the present events in Afghanistan, he said now everyone’s attention is focussed on Taliban’s capturing of power in Afghanistan and they are being reminded, by the media, about the atrocities committed by the Taliban in the past.

But Madhav drew a parallel to the Moplah rebellion.

“For India it was not a new story as this Taliban mindset, born out of certain fundamentalist radical Islamist ideology, first manifested here in the form of the Moplah rebellion and as the media presence then was not what it is now, the atrocities committed then were not widely publicised,” added Madhav.

“Since what happened was not known then, the Left has been trying to whitewash or conceal what happened and was celebrating it as a Communist revolution against the British and the bourgeois by encouraging production of films which showcase the rebellion’s leaders as “heroes,” added the top RSS leader. (IANS)