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SC notice to govt on cattle sale; cows sacred but no heartburns over issue: Govt

The cow seems to be the only issue of national importance to the present government. It issued an ambiguous notification banning the sale of cattle for slaughter from cattle markets bringing the whole trade to a virtual halt and affecting the livelihood of many. Obviously, the government needs to have a reality check and it could come in the way of a Supreme Court notice in response to a petition which challenges the government order.

Metro Man does not find space in Modi’s list to inaugurate Kochi Metro

If there’s one man who can be credited for the successful completion of the Kochi Metro, it is E. Sreedharan. Popularly known as the Metro Man, he oversaw the entire project to give Kochi a Metro service on par with the one he gave Delhi. But sadly when Prime Minister travels on a Kochi Metro train to inaugurate Kerala’s first Metro the Metro Man will not get his due.

Cows being escorted by security convoy through states to reach Tamil Nadu

It’s the irony of our times that five truckloads of cows are being escorted by the police across four states to save the lives of Tamil Nadu government officials tasked with procuring native cows for breeding in their state. But with cow assuming more importance than human lives currently, the self-appointed cow vigilantes sanctioned by the ruling party at the Centre attacked the officials who were lucky to be resuced in time or would have met the fate of so many Pehlu Khan’s who died.