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Nitish comes to Delhi: Meets Rahul on Tejashwi threat to tieup; dines with Modi

While the Congress hopes that the Rahul Gandhi and Nitish Kumar’s meeting would send out the message that all was well in the Bihar Grand Alliance, the tension at the ground level between the JD(U) and RJD is keeping the pot boiling. The JD(U) party spokesperson says his party’s patience was being tested and asked why the person who has to answer is keeping mum. With the RJD not in a mood to agree to Tejashwi’s resignation and with sections in the Congress lending their weight behind Lalu, a section in the JD(U) also feel it is not time, yet, for them to burn any of their bridges.

Vaghela turns 77: Congress has expelled me but I’m not going anywhere

Is this the Hemanta Biswa moment in Congress’ Gujarat policy? With no less than Modi spearheading the Gujarat campaign later this year, the Congress instead of putting on a tough fight is busy ejecting leaders with credibility. The Amit-Modi duo is always waiting to maul its rivals before the polls and looks like the two are succeeding with the Congress once again failing to wrest any initiative.