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Modi woos Dalits, tribals in Maoist-hit Bijapur; says PM because of Ambedkar

Invoking Dalit icon Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar on his 127th birth anniversary, Prime Minister Narendra Modi sought to woo Dalits and tribals, saying he could become PM because of Ambedkar's contributions to the society and exhorted Maoists to join the mainstream for development and assured that he would protect their rights as envisaged in the Constitution.

Bengal pre-poll violence could hurt Mamata’s all-India plans

The Calcutta High Court's decision to suspend the panchayat poll process in West Bengal is a major blow to Mamata Banerjee, for it shows that her government has not been able to ensure even a routine administrative procedure like the peaceful conduct of an election campaign

Mission accomplished, hails Trump as US, allies strike Syrian military targets

The US, Britain and France launched coordinated strikes against Syria's research, storage and military targets to "punish" the Bashar al-Assad regime for an apparent chemical attack in Douma that killed over 70 people. The military action was denounced by Damascus and its ally Moscow as a "failure" and "an act of aggression".