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This man as President; RSS man on record saying Islam, Christianity alien to India

The Modi-Shah presidential googly seems to have flummoxed the opposition with the choice of a Dalit with a pretty clean record and has left little room to play with. There is a general acceptance of the man who is said to have come up the ranks the hard way, has had a clean record in politics and is known to be a gentleman. But his views on India’s social fabric is not so genial.

BJP rabbit out of Raisina hat; Dalit Kovind for office, takes Opp by surprise

Mamata says who is Kovind? Ally Sena does not commit; parties divided BJP rabbit out of Raisina hat; names Dalit Kovind for office, takes Opp by surprise Is this one more masterly political move by the Modi-Shah duo? By selecting a Dalit as the President nominee, the party is seeking to expand its traditional support base ahead of the next general election in 2019. In the midst of an upsurge in caste-related unrest, the BJP could be paying "lip service" to underprivileged groups by appointing a Dalit at the topmost office. Given the political symbolism, several in the Opposition might find it difficult to oppose Kovind’s candidature. While the Left parties are set to field their own candidate, as they consider this an ideological fight with the Sangh Parivar, many others like the Janata Dal (United) and Bahujan Samaj Party might not find it politically sagacious to oppose Kovind. Both parties have a significant Dalit support base. It would be very difficult even for the Congress to oppose his candidature.