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Apex Court not happy with govt move to link Aadhar with PAN; to examine

The Supreme Court has decided to examine the constitutional validity of the central government's decision to link the Aadhaar card with the Pan card. The government in its amendment to the Finance Bill last month had made Aadhar Card mandatory for issuing a PAN card and for filing income tax returns. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had argued that this would prevent individuals holding multiple PAN cards and evading tax.

Why is Rahul Gandhi hiding? Unfit to lead party: Women’s wing chief after quitting

Despite the huge recent electoral setbacks the Grand Old Party has suffered there has been little introspection or attempt to show that there is still life left in the party. The party Yuvraj waiting to be anointed is nowhere to be seen or heard. The Congress has surely lost the plot and is drifting. But there is a slow and steady movement of leaders away from the party. But do the Gandhis really care?