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Modi woos Bihar, snubs Nitish; promise of Rs 10,000 cr for top univs, ignores Patna

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar's hope to get the central university status conferred to Patna University was dashed with Prime Minister Narendra Modi bypassing his request. During the centenary celebration function of Patna University the Chief Minister, whose JD-U has become part of the NDA and is ruling Bihar in alliance with the BJP, said that he requested Modi with folded hands to announce the much-awaited central university status to Patna University. But the PM not only ignores the request he smoothed talked them into believing that he had greater plans for the university.

Trumps isolated on Iran N-deal; Europe, Russia, China to stick to deal despite US

Europe has decided to stick to the deal with Iran on its nuclear programme without US support. The lifting of sanctions under the deal prompted a rush of European corporations to do business in Iran. These are now lobbying their governments to prevent the dismantlement of the deal and are hoping that Iran may continue to adhere to its conditions if Europe refrained from reimposing sanctions. The deal’s non-US signatories, which include Britain, France, Germany, China, Russia and Iran, have decided to stick to the deal without US participation. Such a decision could still have severe implications for transatlantic relations at a time when Trump has already faced open disagreement and anger from many of his allies over defence spending, trade, climate change and other issues.