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Congress ‘left’ will not allow economic reform

At a time of rising inflation and high oil prices, the left-wing faction within the Congress is unlikely to allow any market-friendly economic reforms before the general elections, writes Paranjoy Guha Thakurta

Give Democracy A Chance

The proponents of Kashmir's Azadi from India and India's from Kashmir have lost sight of the defining aspect of the last 25 years – Pakistan's sustained political interference which enabled it to create a large, well-funded and armed militancy, writes ASIF SYED. What was called 'moral support' to a political movement actually meant cross-border training camps for militants, widespread distribution of arms and ammunition, the involvement of Afghan and other foreign 'mujahideen' and the infusion of a fundamentalist Islam alien to Kashmir. The ubiquitous AK-47 was not part of India's plan

Mayawati’s recruitment drive in UP jails

The BSP had stormed into power in Uttar Pradesh on the issue of Mulayam Singh Yadav’s ‘goonda raj’. But now she is herself wooing the mafia dons of UP some she has already won over and others are being worked upon, to help her realise her Prime Ministerial ambition.