About Us

Current is a national weekly newspaper that has been focusing on the events, issues and people at the crossroads of politics, government and business for more than 60 years. Launched in 1949, Current is one of the oldest and respected weeklies in India. It is a publication about the ‘Business of Politics and the Politics of Business.’

With our 24/7 news website, www.currentnews.in, we hope to not only increase our reach but to also widen the platform. Currentnews.in offers the depth, analysis, and investigative power of our print edition combined with the immediacy and impact of the Internet.

Fiercely independent, Current has always fearlessly reflected the truth and the combined print and online operation will continue to focus on India’s political class, which comprises the country’s top politicians, bureaucrats, corporate houses, and members of the media, legal fraternity and civil society.

Current and Currentnews.in are published from Delhi with offices in Delhi and Mumbai and correspondents in 15 State capitals.

Chairman of the Editorial Board: Inder Malhotra

Editor: Asif Syed; asifsyed@currentnews.in

Resident Editor: Prashun Bhaumik; prashunbhaumik25@gmail.com

Current and Currentnews.in are owned and operated by Current Publications Pvt. Ltd.

Managing Director: Dr. Mrs. Anees J. Syed; drajsyed@yahoo.com

Director: Asif Syed; asifsyed@currentnews.in