#Rahul 2014 News Stream

AICC Meet in New Delhi

With Rahul Gandhi finally taking place as the Congress party’s presumptive candidate for Prime Minister as well the centrepiece of a reportedly Rs. 500 crore election advertising campaign the contest for the 2014 general elections is well and truly on.
Here you will find all the stories and news reports that focus on Rahul Gandhi’s bid for 2014.

Rahul’s sound of silence

Asif Syed | New Delhi | 09:40 PM

Why is Rahul Gandhi, the face of the campaign, silent in every campaign video?

If not for 2014, is Rahul rebuilding Congress for 2019 or 2024?

Saeed Naqvi | New Delhi | 07:40 PM

Rahul Gandhi's maiden television interview showed that while his heart is in the right place, his brain tends to wander from time to time. Flubbing on the handling of the 1984 riots in Delhi, avoiding a direct answer on Narendra Modi but holding forth on 'institutional mechanisms', policy and 'changing the system', Gandhi gave the impression of a man who is not in a hurry. And that's where the disconnect lies, because both, his party and the country, are in a tearing hurry.

Congress dilemma: To name or not to name Rahul as PM candidate

Agency Report | New Delhi | 08:40 PM

At a time when the fight is getting fierce, it is unlikely that the Congress party, particularly mother Sonia Gandhi is going to allow yuvraj Rahul Gandhi to be hung out to dry. After all the Congress never announces its PM or CM candidate, will be the argument.