The RSS 'army': To instill fear?

The RSS 'army': To instill fear?

Is RSS more efficient than Army? Owaisi questions why cultural body raises an ‘army’

Why take NSG security cover when RSS has trained cadres: Mayawati

Agency Report | Hyderabad/Lucknow | 13 February, 2018 | 09:30 PM

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat's boastful claim that the RSS can raise an army in three days against the Indian Army which would take six months for the same job has raised a political storm with leaders questioning the idea behind making such a statement at a public rally. Obviously, the idea was to whip up anti-Pakistan sentiment at a time when attacks in Kashmir has become a regular affair. The statement is not only being termed as dangerous but subversive. Shouldn't the self-appointed nationalists hail Bhagwat as a 'great' anti-national?

MIM president Asaduddin Owaisi on Tuesday termed as “grave” the statement by RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat that RSS could raise an army in three days.

The Hyderabad MP said that this statement needs to be looked into deeply as it has a lot of messages, repercussions and ramifications while asking Bhagwat to clarify how a cultural organisation trains its cadre as an army.

The RSS chief has said that his organisation could get its cadre to be ready militarily in three days, while the Army would take 6-7 months.

“He can be right but how is that a cultural organisation trains its cadre as an army,” Owaisi said, asking to know if Bhagwat is saying that RSS is more efficient than the army.

“How can anyone compare a cadre with Indian Army. There can be no comparison as our brave Armymen are sacrificing their lives for the country.

“Does he know what goes into making an Indian soldier,” the MIM leader asked.

Owaisi remarked that if RSS chief is so confident of their ability, he should lead them at the border.

On the terrorist attack on Army camp in Jammu, Owaisi said that “we failed to learn lessons from similar attacks in the past”.

He said the terrorists had carried out an attack in Sunjunwan area in 2003 and lessons were not learnt from Pathankot, Uri and Nagrota attacks.

He asked BJP to clarify where is the responsibility for this lies. “Is it not the failure of IB as well,” he asked.

Stating that out of seven brave soldiers who laid down their lives, five were Kashmiri Muslims, Owaisi said why those TV channels which question the nationalism of Indian and Kashmiri Muslims were silent.

Owaisi said even Prime Minister has not tweeted over the Jammu attack.

On Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti calling for talks with Pakistan, he said Modi should respond.

“BJP is sharing power with PDP in Jammu and Kashmir and when their Chief Minister has raised this demand, it should come out and say what it thinks,” he added.

On Ram Rajya Ratha Yatra being launched from Ayodhya on Tuesday, Owaisi said this was aimed at diverting people’s attention from real issues like jobs, GST and increasing terrorist incursions.
“Every day at 9 p.m. on television the nationalism of Muslims is questioned and questions are also raised on Kashmiris.

“Out of the seven killed in Jammu, five were Kashmiri Muslims including a woman who was pregnant. Now everybody is silent on their death,” Owaisi said, asking “why such silence on this issue”?

The Hyderabad MP said the people “who question the integrity of Muslims and those who call Muslims Pakistani” will have to take a lesson from this.

“We (Muslims) are giving our lives but the terrorists are killing us too as they are not discriminating anybody on the basis of religion. They treat everyone as Indian. But there are many such people in the country who still question our integrity,” Owaisi added.

He was referring to the death of seven persons, including six soldiers and a civilian, in the Sunjuwan military camp terror attack.

On February 10, a group of heavily armed Jaish-e-Muhammad (JeM) terrorists entered the camp after hurling grenades and using automatic weapons.

Ten others, including six women and children, were injured in the attack.
The Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) also condemned Mohan Bhagwat statement that the RSS was ready, before the Indian Army, to take on Pakistan if the need arises.

In a statement, party supremo Mayawati said the statement was not only an insult to the country’s armed forces but also reflected the ‘militant swayam sevaks’ that RSS nurtured.

“If the RSS is so confident of its cadres, why has Mohan Bhagwat and its other senior functionaries taken the protection of NSG and police commandos,” the four-time Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister asked.

She further said it was shameful that the RSS chief had tried to run down the armed forces at a speech in Muzaffarpur in Bihar recently.

“The statement will dampen the spirits and morale of the Indian Army,” she said.

The BSP supremo also sought an unqualified apology from the RSS chief.

The Dalit leader said the RSS should also come out of the belief that it was a social organisation as it was, through its activities, fast turning into a political entity.

“You are no more a social organisation but one which all the time is engaged in political activities and are trying to help in all possible ways the BJP in electoral politics,” Mayawati added. (IANS)