Rahul Baba kahan hai? Barkha Singh.

Rahul Baba kahan hai? Barkha Singh.

Why is Rahul Gandhi hiding? Unfit to lead party: Women’s wing chief after quitting

Ek aur dhakka Dilli Congress ko; after Lovely Singh, Barkha Singh quits post

Agency Report | New Delhi | 20 April, 2017 | 09:30 PM

Despite the huge recent electoral setbacks the Grand Old Party has suffered there has been little introspection or attempt to show that there is still life left in the party. The party Yuvraj waiting to be anointed is nowhere to be seen or heard. The Congress has surely lost the plot and is drifting. But there is a slow and steady movement of leaders away from the party. But do the Gandhis really care?

In a setback to the Delhi Congress ahead of the civic polls here, Barkha Singh on Thursday quit as chief of the women’s wing. She also hit out at Vice President Rahul Gandhi and the party’s Delhi unit chief Ajay Maken.

The former Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) chief said: “Congress party under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi and Ajay Maken have only used the issue of empowerment of women and women security to gather votes.”

“The issue means nothing to them.”

Singh said: “In the current organisation where I myself am unsafe, how will I empower women in that organisation. That is why I hereby resign from the post of President of Delhi Mahila Congress.”

Singh even quoted other senior party leaders questioning her party’s Vice President’s capabilities, saying “Rahul Gandhi is unfit to lead the party”.

“The one pertinent question we need to ask today is why is Rahul Gandhi in hiding? Why is he scared of meeting his own party members?” Singh said in a statement.

Several senior leaders have quit the party because of that very reason, she said.

“Rahul Gandhi is reluctant to address issues that exist within the organisation. Why does Rahul Gandhi shy away from meeting party leaders who ask him questions,” she said.

She further added: “He (Rahul) is only interested in meeting sycophants and not leaders who reason, question and ask.”

Describing herself as a loyal soldier of the Congress, she said she will continue to remain that. (IANS)