Mamata racing ahead on wheelchair.

Mamata racing ahead on wheelchair.

Didi winning Bengal; DMK to sweep TN; Congress to close gap in Kerala, Assam

Mamata improves winning chance; party poised to win 160 seats out of 294

Agency Report | New Delhi | 24 March, 2021 | 10:30 PM

While the Trinamool Congress is poised to win West Bengal assembly elections, corruption and the image of its leaders is becoming an issue with voters.

As per the Times Now C-Voter Opinion Poll Wave 4 data for Bengal, 47.9 per cent respondents in the survey said that Mamata Banerjee has projected corrupt leaders in her party.

On the question of whether the Left-Congress alliance with Abbas Siddiqui’s Indian Secular Front will eat into Mamata Banerjee’s vote bank, 34.5 per cent said no while 32.6 per cent said yes.

To a question on if Mamata Banerjee’s claim that her injury was an outcome of a deep conspiracy or do you think that it’s just a drama just to gain sympathy, 40.8 per cent said it is a deep conspiracy while 36.9 per cent said it is just a drama to gain sympathy.

In Kerala, the snap poll revealed that BJP’s Hindutva politics is not working with 52.7 per cent respondents saying this politics will not work.

In addition, love jihad is not an issue in Kerala with 53.2 per cent saying it will not have any impact.

In Tamil Nadu, TTV Dinakaran is playing spoilsport for the AIADMK alliance with 39 per cent respondents saying that he is eating into the vote share of AIADMK. In the other alliance, DMK seems to have made the right move by giving Congress only 25 seats with 45 per cent respondents saying it will help the DMK in the election.

In Assam, the voters have endorsed Home Minister Amit Shah’s call that each vote for AIUDF is a vote for illegal immigration as 44.4 per cent said yes and 38.7 per cent said no.

It also seems that the BJP’s relative silence on the CAA in Assam is helping it with 44.6 per cent saying it is increasing its winning chances.

On whether the Congress-Mahajot alliance can successfully manage to consolidate the Muslim votebank behind it, the opinion in Assam tilted towards a no with 41.6 per cent saying no and 39.7 per cent saying yes.

In Puducherry, infighting within the NR Congress-BJP camp can hurt their chances this election as 43.3 per cent respondents said yes although it is headed towards a victory.

On whether the Congress infighting in Puducherry is a failure of the central leadership, 35.2 per cent of respondents replied in the affirmative.

As the campaign for the Assembly elections in five states/UT reaches a crescendo, Mamata Banerjee is still winning West Bengal, DMK is sweeping Tamil Nadu, Puducherry will see a change of government, while the Congress will close the gap in Assam and Kerala though the BJP and the Left alliance will retain power in those two states, respectively.

As per the Times Now C-Voter Opinion Poll Wave 4 data, Trinamool Congress supremo Mamata Banerjee has improved her winning position in the high decibel West Bengal elections where her party is poised to win 160 seats in the 294-member state Assembly.

The Trinamool Congress is projected to win Bengal with a vote share of 42.1 per cent, a marginal swing away of 2.8 per cent. The BJP is winning 112 seats, gaining 109 seats compared to the previous elections, with a vote share of 37.4 per cent.

In Tamil Nadu, the DMK-led combine involving the Congress and others are gaining momentum past the two-third majority mark and is projected to win 177 out of the 234 seats, while the ruling AIADMK in alliance with the BJP and others will get only 49 seats.

The UPA alliance is gaining a 6.6 per cent vote share in Tamil Nadu, while the AIADMK is losing heavily with the erosion of more than a 9 per cent vote share.

In Kerala, the fight between the Left Democratic Front (LDF) and the United Democratic Front (UDF) is becoming more keenly contested. The LDF is still winning Kerala with 77 seats in a House of 140, but its tally is now depleted compared to the previous rounds of the tracker.

The Congress-led UDF is projected to win 62 seats, gaining seats since the last tracker to make it a keenly contested affair.

In Assam, the BJP is set for a second term with the party poised to get 69 seats in a House of 126. The Congress is winning 56 seats, narrowing the gap with the BJP. The Congress is now at 41.1 per cent vote share while the BJP is winning the state with 45 per cent vote share.

In Puducherry, the AINRC-BJP-AIADMK alliance is gaining more momentum, winning big with 21 seats in a House of 30. (IANS)