Pollution adds to Delhi's problems.

Pollution adds to Delhi's problems.

Delhi nears third peak; situation worrisome in WB, Kerala: NITI Aayog

Is Covid refusing to quit Opp-ruled states? Or so the govt body says

Agency Report | New Delhi | 27 October, 2020 | 11:10 PM

While the spread of Covid-19 in the country seems to be stabilising for now, two states and a Union Territory (UT) have remained a matter of concern for the Centre.

NITI Aayog (health) member and head of the national task force for Covid-19, V.K. Paul, said on Tuesday that Delhi is progressing towards a third peak. At the same time, the situation remains worrisome in the states of Kerala and West Bengal.

“The trend of Covid cases is on a decline in the country. However, it has remained a matter of worry in three states and UTs. Delhi is inching towards its third peak while an unprecedented rise is being witnessed in Kerala and West Bengal,” Paul said while addressing a press conference held by the Union Health Ministry.

He also said that the emerging situation in these parts of the country gives a lesson not to take the success of containing the virus for granted and resort to complacency.

“It shows that we are getting complacent and putting down our farfetched efforts to contain the spread of this deadly disease. We still have to remain vigilant as respiratory viruses tend to thrive more in cold weather. Since the winter has approached, we need not let down our guards and make way for the pandemic,” Paul said.

Meanwhile, he stated that despite the repeated onslaught of the virus in the northern hemisphere, India has remained in a better position.

“It has emerged that the pandemic has raged its force again, especially in the northern hemisphere. The cases are rising in Europe which is higher than the first peak. The US is witnessing its third peak. The winter season in this part of the hemisphere seems to be playing a role. At the same time, complacency, lack of vigilance and containment strategies are also adding to the factors responsible for it. Fortunately, health systems have been beefed up, so the mortality rate is somewhat low,” Paul said.

“Countries with much better economies, health and infrastructure systems are succumbing to the pandemic, which is a lesson for India. We are fortunate that our journey is in another direction where the cases are showing a downward trend. Recoveries are soaring, and active cases are falling,” he added.

Paul also said that the country has achieved a remarkable feat in controlling the virus spread.

“The deaths have come down to 500 per day which seemed impossible at a time. The daily new infections have been limited to below 40,000 which used to tread above 90,000 just a few weeks ago,” he said. (IANS)